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Detector-1 provides a simple means for testing of Exciter-Rectifiers following repair.

Following repairs to the exciter-rectifier, testing should be performed to check that the unit is performing correctly. This will assure that operation during synchronous motor starting does not damage the motor or exciter-rectifier components.

Of primary interest is the operation of the “crow-bar” circuit which shunts the reverse, induced, motor field current. Failure of this circuit may result in motor insulation damage due to the high, open-circuit, motor field voltage.

Detector-1 provides the means to directly measure the trigger voltage level of the “crow-bar” circuit and ensure that the operation is correct. Test equipment skills beyond a Multimeter level are not required.

Detector-1 can also be used to check the operation of the diode rectifier bridge circuit.            

                                                       Figure # 1
                              Detector-1, Plug-In Power, and Test Leads

The Detector-1 box dimensions are 4.8” height, 3.35” Wide, 2.33” deep and
                        weighs 18.2 oz (including plug-in power).