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Equipment Repair Training

AC Motor Technologies, Inc. has been providing Brushless Exciter-Rectifier repair training to several companies at different locations:       

                Integrated Power Services                          La Porte, Texas
                City of Des Moines Water Works               Des Moines, Iowa
                Dupont Corporation                                      Victoria, Texas 

The course title is “Synchronous Motors & Brushless Exciters”. This course is prepared as a Power Point Presentation. Each participant receives a copy of power point slides, accompanying text and other documents on “Repair Practices for Exciter Rectifiers”, “Testing Brushless Exciter Rectifiers”, “Filter Testing”, Semiconductor Datasheets, etc. The class presentation and additional data is directed towards the type of synchronous motor/exciter that the customer has in place and often, a class can be held to repair or repair and test an exciter rectifier, on site.