About Us

AC Motor Technologies,Inc. is an Indiana Company formed in 2006 by Edward C.Hartung.

Principal Consultant

In March 2000, Mr. Hartung retired from the General Electric Company. Following retirement, he worked for Specialty Technical Services, Inc. and Adecco Technical as a Motor Technology Consultant. Mr. Hartung is the President of AC Motor Technologies, Inc.

During his prior employment with the General Electric Company’s Industrial Systems, Mr. Hartung was the Technology Manager for the Medium AC Products manufactured by GEVISA in Campinas, Brasil for GE. In this capacity, he provided technical support for the marketing operation in Fort Wayne, for the manufacturing plant in Campinas, and for Warranty issues in the US. Some of the major projects included; Insulation system upgrade, high voltage design (to 15 KV), induction motor designs for adjustable frequency drives, development of product and application notes, and MAC University (a week-long course for field sales people).

During prior employment with the General Electric Company’s Large Motor and Generator Department, he established a significant list of achievements in excitation system design, field service and testing, application engineering for motors and generators, and computer applications to product design, product testing, and control accessories.

Mr. Hartung has written two technical papers, five GE technical manuals, holds three US Patents and has served as an instructor for the General Electric Company’s Electrical Machinery Design Course.

Mr. Hartung graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a B. Sc. degree in electrical engineering in 1963 where he was elected to Tau Beta Pi. He was enrolled in RPI’s Cooperative Engineering Program, where his work experience included three engineering assignments in the Light Military Electronics Department of the General Electric Co. between 1960 and 1963.

In 1963, he joined the General Electric Co.’s Product Engineering Program with assignments at the Switchgear Department in Philadelphia, PA and at the Instrument Department in Lynn, MA.

In 1964, Mr. Hartung joined the Large Motor and Generator Department in Schenectady, NY as a development engineer. From l964 to l971, he developed rotating thyristor excitation systems for application to hydroelectric generators. This included specification detailing, electronic equipment design and packaging, supervision of construction, equipment installation, and customer training. In recognition of his efforts, Mr. Hartung was the recipient of GE’s Managerial Award in 1970 and was promoted to project engineer.

From 1971 to 1973, he developed a computer modeling system to evaluate generator performance in sequential loading applications. Mr. Hartung directed the application of excitation equipment for these generators and designed special purpose excitation equipment as part of this project.

In 1973, Mr. Hartung was named as the technical leader in brushless excitation systems for synchronous motors and generators for the Large Generator Department. Until 1984, he led the design activity, provided field service support and developed technical information for brushless excitation systems. As a result of his work, he was the recipient of GE’s “At Your Service” award in 1980.

In 1974, Mr. Hartung developed a computer simulation program for synchronous motors which provided for accurate calculations of rotor bar reactances and allowed the precise prediction of starting performance. This work was combined with a larger program which included models of the excitation systems and motor load to provide complete descriptions of performance during starting, re-synchronizing, and during compressor drive applications. Mr. Hartung used this system of programs as a consulting tool in many motor applications.

From 1975 to 1977, he developed an induction motor test analysis program to permit consistent and accurate test data analysis. This work supported the GE efforts in the revision of the Induction Motor Test Code, IEEE- 1 12, in 1978.

From 1976 to 1984, Mr. Hartung provided engineering liaison in computer applications for the engineering section of the Large Motor and Generator Department. In this capacity, he contributed to the electromagnetic designs of the LCI adjustable speed synchronous motors produced by GE and provided consultation for the other GE departments involved in that product offering. Mr. Hartung designed the brushless excitation system used in that application and developed the computer program modifications required for the design analysis of motors and excitation systems.

In 1990, together with GE’s Turbine Technology Laboratory, Mr. Hartung developed a rotor temperature monitor system for application to rotating machinery. He provided the engineering interface for the application of these systems to many large synchronous motors.

In 1984, with two other engineers from GE, Mr. Hartung worked to form REM Technologies, Inc. an engineering consulting company, of which he was a Principal Engineer and Vice President. During this time, he shared in the development of a high speed motor (50,000 RPM) until the issuance of a US Patent in 1988. This activity was sup- ported through engineering consulting operations and by the NY Sate Energy Research and Development Authority.

In 1988, Mr. Hartung re-joined the General Electric Company as the Senior Project Engineer for the Custom 8000 motor line. In 1990 he was named Technology Manager for the product line.


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