Our Products

Beginning our 2nd decade in 2016, AC Motor Technologies, Inc. continues to offer replacement control modules and parts for Brushless Synchronous Motor Exciter-Rectifiers. These include:

  • Direct replacements for the GE M-1 and M-2 control circuits,
  • Up-Grade Kits for all exciter-rectifier types
  • Filters, for all types

The “Exciter Guy”, Ed Hartung, has developed control modules for the exciter-rectifiers to operate in place of the manufacturer’s modules and provide some additional benefits. AC Motor Technologies, Inc. stocks the following products for Brushless Exciter Rectifiers:

Trigger-1 is a replacement over-voltage trigger for two SCR’s in series (or just one SCR) which are required to pass the negative induced motor field current during motor acceleration. Trigger-1 replaces previously used matched-pair Zener diodes and includes current limiting and reverse-voltage protection.

Installation instructions, test instructions, and mounting hardware are included.

Trigger-2 is a full-function control which can directly replace the GE 135D5753 (M-2) Synchronous Motor Control. It features low power dissipation and 7500 volt isolation (SCR gate to SCR gate). This module allows the exciter field to be applied at zero speed.

Installation instructions, test Instructions, and mounting hardware are included.

Filter-1 is a replacement 3-phase R-C filter designed to suppress switching transient voltages in the rectifier circuit.

Installation instructions, test instructions, and mounting hardware are included.

Up-Grade Kit is the components and hardware which can improve the performance of and eliminate overvoltages which are common in many rectifier assemblies.

Installation instructions and mounting hardware are included.

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