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Beginning our 2nd decade in 2016, AC Motor Technologies, Inc. continues to offer replacement control modules and parts for Brushless Synchronous Motor Exciters. These include :

  • Direct replacements for the GE M-1 and M-2 exciter-rectifiers
  • Up-Grade Kits for all exciter rectifier types
  • Filters, for all types

AC Motor Technologies, Inc. still offers specification, application, and analysis support for:

  • Induction Motors, VFD driven Induction motor, 2-Pole induction motors
  • Synchronous Motors, Brushless Exciters & Rectifiers, VFD Driven
  • Synchronous Motors, Synchronous Generators, Brushless Exciters & Rectifiers
  • Wound Rotor Motors – Resistor controlled and VFD controlled
  • Motor Control Switchgear

Each machine type has its own requirements and operating characteristics. There are also different configurations based on the machine’s physical size.

AC Motor Technologies, Inc. is familiar with all of these machine types and has contacts for further information to enable the required technical support.

Ed Hartung, the senior Motor Consultant has over 50 years of AC Motor experience. Ed is also the “Exciter Guy”.

Presently, we’re serving motor repair shops in Michigan, Arizona, South Dakota, Alabama, North Carolina, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, and South Carolina.

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